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Bacirubati brings discerning women retro style with a provocative edge while still remaining classic and feminine. Collections are chic, romantic, yet surprisingly practical.
If the Bacirubati style were to be described with a single word, one would call it contemporary. Bacirubati lingerie is also stylish and sophisticated and brings a level of passion to a line of underclothing that some designers make too bland. This designer is spirited and dares to be different, which is perfect for the woman with the same type of personality traits.
Bacirubati allows you to add a secret touch of glamour to your life that no one needs to know you’ve done accept yourself. Wear Bacirubati lingerie for yourself to help you feel fabulous and at the height of chic. It’s best suited for the woman who isn’t afraid to enjoy life to the fullest.
This brand merges stunning embroidery and near magical fabrics to create innovative pieces of highly feminine lingerie that the romantic in every woman will love. The company has a policy of producing new and original designs each and every season so you’ll never get bored with the product. Each season you can count on something new and original being produced.
Bacirubati is a brand of lingerie that should be a must-have in every fashionable woman’s boudoir.

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Naturally black thong by Bacirubati

by Lingerie Brands on December 5, 2008

Naturally black thong by Bacirubati

Naturally black thong by Bacirubati
The naturally black thong by Bacirubati is superb in it"s simplicity. The fabric is made out of sheer black fabric and is adorned with tiny black flowers. These tiny black flowers add just the right touch of femininity and prevent this naturally black thong by Bacirubati from looking too severe. At the back a lovely little black bow rests on the waistband in central position. Wear this sexy little thong to impress a lover or wear it underneath a special outfit to help you feel your most sexy. The thong has a lined gusset for maximum comfort so you can even wear this thong under your regular clothes. No one but you needs to know that you"re wearing it and you"ll feel so much more sophisticated and sexy knowing with this lovely undergarment by Bacirubati. The thong adjusts so you can make sure it fits you perfectly.

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